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The Traveler’s Green Book

Fall 1956.PNG

The Traveler’s Green Book provided traveling and resident African Americans with the knowledge of safe- haven businesses in towns throughout the nation. The Green Book featured Mullins as one of its safe towns in South Carolina for thirty of thirty-one year history. Tourist homes, restaurants, clubs, service stations, garages, and barber shops were among some of the businesses listed.

Explore the points on the map below to learn about the sites that were listed from Marion County.

The Traveler’s Green Book was an answer to segregations’ Sun Down Towns, which meant that it became very unsafe for African Americans to be outside after dark. Many African Americans found themselves sleeping in ditches or their vehicles, if they were fortunate enough to have one, in order to avoid violent encounters in predominately White towns. New editions became vital to the safety of all African American travelers.

Excerpt from the 1948 edition of the Travelers Guide showing locations in Mullins


Excerpt from the 1950 edition of the Travelers Guide showing locations in Mullins

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